Terra Mitica Theme Park

OPEN MAY 18th 2018

Are you a fan of extreme sensations? At Terra Mitica you will find rides to excite you and make you shout like there’s no tomorrow. If you like an adrenaline rush and you want unforgettable days, you just have to come.

The park is divided into three sections The islands – Greece & Rome and all sections provide different thrilling rides for different ages!

Fun-lover? Come and discover all our rides!

La Cólera de Akiles Swing with unsuspected slopes – The Islands

Mithos Amazing by day and night – The Islands

Rotundus Fly over and check out the Roman Square! – Rome

Ayquesustus A six-meter drop for the bravest of children!- Rome

Kineto’s Temple Wake up your five senses in this great cinema hall. Are you ready?- Greece

The Fury of Triton An adventure with a little plunge included! – Greece

The Flight of the Phöenix Experience a 54-meter drop in… 3 seconds! – Rome

The Icaruses Enjoy the views up high – Greece

Falls of the Nile Get ready for a water-filled ride – Egypt

Port of Alexandria Enjoy the park’s maritime landscape – Egypt

Akuatiti The trip is more fun in a sarcophagus!  – Egypt

Alucinakis An incredible journey for the little ones! – Greece

Labyrinth of the Minotaur You’ll have to sharpen your aim to get out of this terrifying labyrinth…. Will you be able to accomplish it? –  Greece

Inferno Strong sensations are not just for anyone…. Will you dare? –  Rome

Titánide Do you want to defy speed?  – Greece

Tornado Is there nothing that stops you? Are you sure?  – Rome

Synkope – A spinning, 90-kilometer-per-hour disk at a height of 35 meters? Wow!  -Greece

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